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Natural Stones & CRYSTALS

Crystal therapy is an alternative medicine technique that aims to heal by keeping gemstones close to the body or by placing them on different energy points known as the "seven chakras" around the body.

The uses of crystals are not limited to these. Crystals can be also healing when used by carrying them in a bag, wearing them as jewellery, pouring your drinking water into a bottle with a crystal (only if obtained by a trusted manufacturer), making wishes while carrying the crystal and meditating, placing them in a bathtub (not all stones are suited to be put in water) and by placing them around your home, workplace or under your pillow.

Crystals absorb our emotions, pain, and energies. Therefore, it is essential to clean them regularly. Make sure you clean your crystals before and after using and whenever they are touched by someone else.

Every crystal has its own way of cleansing or recharging. Crystals that absorb negativity need to be cleaned regularly so that they can function at their best.

There are many different ways to clean gemstones and every gemstone has a peculiar way to be cleaned. Before cleaning your crystals, make sure you know how and what to do exactly. The most common and effective methods of cleaning the crystals are:

SEA SALT METHOD: (For cleaning). As sea salt is a natural cleanser, pour a tablespoon of sea salt into a bowl of water and leave your crystals in it. Other methods are to wash them under flowing saltwater or clean them in the open sea.

SMUDGING METHOD: (For cleaning). Smudge your crystals with incense or herbs. Light your smudge and set your intention. Then hold the crystal right above the smoke of your smudge so that it flows underneath and around it. It is recommended to perform this method outside or in a well-ventilated area close to an open window.

MOONLIGHT EXPOSURE METHOD: (For cleaning and charging) Place your crystals underneath the moon and stars. This will allow natural energy to be transmitted to your crystals and recharge them.

SUNLIGHT EXPOSURE METHOD: (For cleaning and charging) Sunlight cleansing is another way of recharging your crystals. Extended exposure to direct sunlight can and will fade most crystals over months, weeks, or even hours. So, make sure your crystals are not exposed to sunlight for a very long time.

PURE WATER METHOD: (For cleaning) Natural sources of freshwater such as rivers, lakes, springs should be preferred, however, you can also use pure and clean water available at home to bathe your crystals regularly.

CLEANING WITH OTHER CRYSTALS: (For cleaning and charging) Some crystals (such as selenites) have the ability to clean other crystals. Simply place your crystals next to another crystal with such ability overnight.

BURYING: (For charging) Nature itself is a great tool for recharging. You can use the elements of the earth by burying your stones underneath the earth and leave them there for a full day.

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