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How to prepare your skin for Summer?

Summer is just around the corner. It is the most enjoyable time of the year but it is crucial to prepare and take care of your skin with the changing season.

The thing is that sometimes we do not know what to do to prepare our skin for summer.

Summer, with all of the heat, humidity, and sunshine that it brings, can be both a boon and a bane to your skin. We all are spending more time outside, which exposes our skin to damaging and aging UV rays. But the air is more moist, giving normally dry skin some much-needed hydration after a drier spring.

Here is some advice for you to know to get ready for the UV Rays and get a perfect and safe tan.

Always remember to exfoliate your skin.

One month before sun exposure, you should add regular exfoliation -- one to two times a week -- to your beauty regimen to help renew your skin. Exfoliation is crucial in helping your skin’s longevity through the summer heat. By utilizing a gentle scrub at least once a week, you can remove dead, flaky skin from both your face and body, preventing blemishes as well as a dull appearance. For this, you can use brushes for face and body, natural loofah sponges, soap bag scrubbers and face scrubbers.Using soaps that have himalayan salt, clays or pure clays for masks and lotion bars also will help you to exfoliate your skin and help to support the other activities.

Drink a lot of water.

The best way to keep a body in good health is from the inside out. Drinking water regulates your body temperature, keeps your organs in optimal working shape including your skin and helps you stay mentally alert. Water not only improves the overall elasticity of your skin but gives it a hydrated appearance as well. Drinking water also helps to flush the toxins from the body.

Hydrate and Moisturize Daily

Just as important as exfoliating is keeping your skin hydrated. People can neglect caring for their dry skin by skipping this crucial step. If you neglect to care for the dryness of your skin, your oil glands can overcompensate and create more oil, which can create breakouts. Your skin needs its natural oils. Moisturize your lips, hair, face, hands and body. You can use natural oils, lotion bars and lip balm for your skin. Using chemical products is not effective and also it may cause more drying on your body due to the additives in it.

Eat Fresh

Just adding the best ingredients to your summer skincare routine is not enough. You need to back it up with healthy food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of natural antioxidants and hydrating. Speaking of drinking lots of water, it's always supportive to eat fresh food on the side. They also include vitamins and nutrients. Feeding your body with good nutrients will reflect on your skin, giving it a natural shine.

Apply sunscreen often

Sunscreen isn’t just for those days at the beach. You should wear sunscreen all day, every day, all year round. Sunscreen minimizes UV damage like wrinkles, spots and other aging signs. More importantly, it decreases your risk of skin cancers and skin precancers. Applying your sunscreen every morning before leaving the house and midday is the most effective way to equip yourself with the best pro-aging strategy.

Lighter Makeup & Clean Your Face

When it comes to makeup during summer months, minimal is better for your skin. Summer months are sometimes extremely hot or you tend to sweat a lot, always thinking about finding a way to adapt your makeup. Also, cleaning is the most important activity for your skin at every stage of your life. When choosing the content of cleaning products, you need to care about selecting natural. You will not only be gentler to your skin, but also ensure that it will maintain its vitality in the long term.

Changing Skincare Products

According to the season, you need to change your skincare products. While we need to use more oily creams or just oils in certain periods, we should lighten it so that the skin needs to breathe in certain periods. Making some small changes in your skincare routine will keep your skin healthy, glowing and radiant without any breakouts or dullness.

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