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Story of us

Our passion for natural sources, the significance we attach to spiritual and physical healing, and our efforts were rewarded with the inception of "Soluna". We are three close friends who were inspired to create meaningful experiences for fellow humans. Our aim is to invite you to relax, balance, and arise in the midst of the chaos of modern life. 

“Soluna” comes from combining the words “Sun” and “Moon”. Sun and Moon depict the combination of the masculine and feminine in all traditions; the state of eternal integrity and existence in the universe. They are also symbols with profound meanings in mythology. The sun symbolizes sacredness, light, and knowledge; the moon symbolizes renewal, enlightenment, and presence. We believe that spiritual and physical healing incorporate all these aspects.


 We would like to present you with our products we have created following a journey of passion, learning and exploration. 

We hope you enjoy your own journey with "Soluna".


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Gökçe Yağmur Akmanlı

  • Gri Instagram Simge

Positive bomb, spiritual gangster, aromatherapy guru.

Ekran Resmi 2020-09-11 16.38.49.png

Ayça Barlas

  • Gri Instagram Simge

Art and ceramic addict, mother and lover, crystal queen.

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