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Rose Quartz 

Love-Emotional Healing-Harmony 

Rose Quartz is a very popular crystal and known as the stone of love and also a symbol of beauty. It is also known as pink quartz or hyaline quartz. Rose Quartz is strongly attached to the heart chakra and brings all the other chakras into harmony and unity. 


Rose Quartz: 

  • Helps to strengthen relationships  

  • Opens your heart to all kinds of love 

  • Cleanses the complexion 

  • Releases tension, and stress 

  • Heals and balances emotions 

  • Helps to increase self-worth, self-love, self-trust to improve confidence, overcome heartbreak, learn to trust, let go of toxic energies and emotions, promote inner healing.  

  • Eases body aches and pains  

  • Balances and boosts your sex drive 

  • Transmits energies of compassion and harmony 

  • Rose Quartz attracts and resonates with femininity, purity, and softness. It is also recommended for healthy skin.  


How to clean or recharge your Rose Quartz? 

You can clean your crystal with running water. Clean and recharge it with moonlight and candlelight exposure, by burying it in earth, smudging it with herbs, and by putting it close with other stones such as selenite. 


Each crystals are unique. Due to its nature, size and color will vary slightly. 

Weight: Each crystals are approx. 48-63 gram.

Pink Quartz Tower


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