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Tiger's Eye 


Tiger Eye is one of the most popular gemstones. It is called Tiger’s Eye because of its resemblance to the eyes of a tiger. It is a protective stone and connected to both the sun and the earth. You can see it shining when holding it under sunlight. It is also named the stone of wisdom, courage, protection, balance, and prosperity. 


Tiger's eye: 

  • Helps you stay centered and calm 

  • Helps you build courage, confidence and have luck, grounding, strength, protection, and physical action 

  • Protects from evil eyes and negative energy, 

  • Balances emotions  

  • Reduces fatigue 

  • Strengthens bones 

  • Removes toxins from the blood 

  • Relieves fear and anxiety 


If you have trouble getting started with your tasks or motivating yourself to go out and do something, Tiger’s eye will encourage you. It is believed that Tiger’s eye brings good luck and prosperity and helps to balance your male-female energy also called yin-yang. Tiger’s eye is connected to both the root and the sacral chakra. 


How to clean or recharge your Tigers Eye? 

You can clean your crystal with running water. Clean and recharge it with moonlight and candlelight exposure, by burying it in earth, smudging it with herbs, and by putting it close with other stones such as selenite. 


Each crystals are unique. Due to its nature, size and color will vary slightly. 

Weight: Each crystals are approx. 35 gram.

Tiger's Eye


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