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What is smudging?

Smudging is the practice of burning incense; an ancient spiritual ritual and a ceremonial act that has been around for centuries as part of numerous religious traditions. Incense is derived from the Latin word for "burn". It is made of plant-based aromatic materials and is used for spiritual cleansing, blessing and purifying. Burning incense encourages relaxation, aids sleep, promotes concentration, stimulates creativity, increases motivation and reduces stress and anxiety.

Here are some features of the herbs we use to make incense. 


Made with:



Lavender: Lavender is the most popular and well-known herb. Burning Lavender enables spiritual and physical cleansing, psychic protection, stress relief, enhanced focus and reduced allergic reactions in people. It creates an energy of happiness and healing and brings peace, protection, love and purification. It also helps reduce depression and anxiety and aids with peaceful sleep.


Product details:

  • Purple Breathe smudge stick is approximately 19 cm in length.

  • Listing is for one wand.

  • Smudge stick is bound with 100% cotton string.

  • Each stick is unique and may vary in shape, size and color due to its handmade nature. 

  • All of our smudge sticks are natural, handmade and hand-picked just for you. 

  • Please note that smudge sticks and flowers are shipped dry or partially dry and therefore shedding is perfectly normal. Images are taken in ideal natural light without alteration. Any editing that is done is to color correct and show the item as truthfully as possible. High quality is ensured for all bundles.

  • There will be variation in color between the screen and the product in your hand.

  • Each smudge, wand and cleanser depends on user experience and naturally occurring factors such as how flammable certain materials may be. 

  • We cannot guarantee the number of uses per smudge, wand or herbal cleanser because each usage depends on the user. 

  • You can use natural incense whenever you want but we highly recommend its use before taking a bath or sleeping, or during meditation.


How to use your smudge stick?

Burning instructions:

  • Smudging allows for major space cleansing. As the smoke ascends, our wishes and intentions rise and mingle into the universe, connecting heaven, earth and humanity. 

  • You can choose a fireproof container such as a bowl of ceramic, seashell, glass, plate or clay. Make sure that your container is fireproof.

  • Light the smudge stick from the top end and walk clockwise around the house ending back where you started. It is better to open a window or be in an open space. You can burn the smudge stick for as long as you wish.

  • Make sure that your smudge stick is completely extinguished. You can do this by dabbing the lit end into a small bowl of ash or sand. 

  • Check the end closely to make sure there are no more embers burning. Once the smudge stick is completely put out, store it in a safe, dry place away from the sun.

  • Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable material. 


Happy Smudging!



Purple Breathe Smudge Stick


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