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Lavender is the most popular and well-known herb which has been used to remedy illnesses for centuries. It is believed that its pleasant and distinctive smell cleanses the body and soul. Since the beginning of history, this herb has been mixed with bath waters and soaps to alleviate stress and anxiety by providing calmness and uplifting the spirit. Lavender has lots of benefits and is used for making oil, smudge sticks, pouches, sleeping bags, etc. Burning lavender enables spiritual and physical cleansing, psychic protection, stress relief, enhanced focus and reduced allergic reactions in people. It creates an energy of happiness and healing and brings peace, protection, love and purification. It also helps reduce depression and anxiety and aids with peaceful sleep. Using a lavender pouch, you can inhale the scent to relax or place the pouch under or next to your pillow for a good night's sleep. You can also place it between your clothes to give them a pleasant smell and keep moths away. Add the fresh scent of lavender to your home instead of harmful chemical fragrances.

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